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Vogue in Jeans: How to Choose Jeans According To My Body Type

The jeans are a garment that cannot be missing in the wardrobe of any woman. A great alternative to wear every day and is that depending on the design can range from an informal garment to a casual. But beyond its design, if there is something that worries women is to find the perfect pants, the one that fits our figure beautifully and goes perfectly with our style when they are going to buy jeans.

You still do not know which one is yours? But at Jeanswala you get an extensive and exclusive collection of jeans. There you can choose from simple jeans to designer jeans as per you’re like. So, in this article, you come to know how to choose the best jeans and from where you can get it.

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Steps to follow when you are going to buy jean:

  • It is important to have at least one dark and neutral cowboy, this way you will have versatile pants that combines everything.
  • If you have a big hip, it is important to always choose jeans in dark tones that help you conceal their size. It prefers the straight cuts because they will make this area less pronounced, in the same way, pay attention to the seams of the pants are also dark, and that does not have any accessory that makes the hip stand out or look bulkier.
  • It is important that the shot be medium or high, low shots increase your hips. It also prefers the middle or high waist, especially from behind to help you look thinner.
  • On the contrary for girls with few hips are other strategies to apply. In principle always choose jeans with pockets from behind, as they will make your bottom stand out a little more. Side details such as pockets and studs with a good alternative for this type of body.
  • As for cuts, people with few hips are favored skinny jeans with low waist, as they balance the proportions highlighting the area of the hips. If you like printed pants, they are also a good option.
  • For those who are rather short, there are several recommendations to choose jeans that make them look taller and smart. The first thing is to avoid the low-cut pants and to style themselves with the high waists jeans-and this unique hack will help them the legs look longer.
  • Those with a tall, thin figure have shapes that allow all kinds of cuts and models to be used. Jeans at the hip feel very good in this type of body, as well as skinny or straight cut.
  • Do not be afraid to experiment in stores and find that kind of jean that best suits your style.

So, after reading this article, we hope, that our styling tips will definitely help to choose jeans according to your body shape and type.

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