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How to Choose a Perfect Jeans ?

Even though it is said that men tend to hate going shopping, it is also true that more and more men tend to go after the clothes that most identify with them, in other words, more and more men are interested in improving their image, and this coincides with selecting the clothes that best fit them.

Jeans have become an essential item; it would be worth looking at some recommendations before buying any because there is a Jeans for every man that best fits your body.

Why You Need To Buy Jean:

• They are comfortable, flexible, resistant, versatile and photogenic pants
• Today they are used both for the street and at work with a semi-formal look.

Among so many models and forms, which one to choose from Jeanswala? Do it mainly according to your body type that would be my main advice. And follow this brief guide that, surely, will be useful when choosing.

Significant Assumptions When Buying A Jean:

Below are some recommendations when you are going to buy jeans from Jeanswala:

Invest in quality pants. This does not mean that you buy branded pants; it means that you develop the “clinical eye” to determine if it is a good pair of pants, which you can tell by the fabric, the sewing, and the size.

Select a pair of trouser according to its use. It is worth experimenting, but keep in mind that there are pants for every occasion. The color, the model, the waist (skinny, straight or wide) and the type of washing that has (worn) will make you look one way or another. There are some that are more serious and others more casual. Keep in mind what you want the jean for. Yes, for daily use for college or an informal meeting.

Go to the tester before buying. Unless it is a brand that you always buy and that is the standard cut, it is important to try on the jean you are going to buy and look in the mirror to know how you have left. If you still have doubts, you can continue reading.

Basic Characteristics Of Pants:


If you are of legs and thin trunk, then it is your model. Generally, they are wearing tall young people and not very toned bodies.

They are youthful jeans that stylize the figure and better if they are short shots to avoid unwanted folds or piles of fabrics that remain. If you want to sophisticate a look, this is undoubtedly the model for a party or an event.

Slim Fit:

Fitted on the hips and thighs straighter to the ankles, it fits most men with a waist smaller and thinner than the width of the shoulders. It is a flexible model, whether in a casual or semi-formal way, ideal if they are low shot with small back pockets and wide for a harmonious silhouette.


For larger and muscular men with a toned body, it is a more straight-cut jean, perfect for men with toned legs. Ideally, it is medium or short shot because, having this type of body this model causes the feeling of a skinny — ideal for a casual and relaxed look.


Jeans are waist and wide ankle for men with a large waist. In this type of jeans, the ideal is the long shot since it flattens the abdominal part of your body is more oval, being undoubtedly the best model for this type of body. They can serve to complete an oversized look.

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